11 Great Tips to Get Your Brand Out There Using Twitter!

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I know some of you are still skeptics as to how social media can do anything for your business.

I’ve found that one of the fastest ways of getting your brandname or you online business out there is to use Twitter. Without it, I think I’d still be struggling to find work and other freelancers who I’ve come to depend on for sharing work.

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I assure you the few minutes spent on Twitter throughout the day are well worth it. Thanks to the site, I’ve been able to get my personal blog read, which lead to lots of paid guest writing positions, I’ve gained several clients who’ve heard of me on Twitter, as well as several other freelancers who share work with me.

It’s still not easy to get heard on Twitter though, as there are millions of accounts and it can seem like you’re screaming in a crowd to make yourself heard. However, most of the people who are successful on Twitter are so for a few good reasons.

Twitter has been around now for  just a few years and is almost in the top ten Alexa ratings. Still a relatively new source for social networking, people are still not 100% sure of how to interact with others on Twitter or how to tweet in a way to generate a following or business leads.

In this post, I have compiled a list of eleven ways to use Twitter to gain followers and generate an interest in your online business.  So how can you get yourself seen or heard ? Here are the 11 tips:

1.      Tweet useful information

Tweeting all day is great. Random tweets are good. But, you also want to offer useful information to your followers, links to useful articles, etc. You want to show them that you are not just another person using Twitter. Most of all, you want to give them a reason to follow you and hear what you have to say. Offer helpful tips, urls and even suggest other people who they might like to follow.

2.      Be interactive!

Interactivity is a great way to generate a bit of buzz when you are using Twitter. Asking questions, answering questions, replying to replies and even using Twitter as a way to post contests for prizes (depending on your business) can be great ways to increase the following on your Twitter account.

3.      Use Hash tags

Use hash tags as a way to start bookmarking or attaching a topic ID to your tweets. This will allow people who might be searching for relative information using the Twitter search function to find you and your tweets. It is a great way to mark your tweets under a popular topic and works somewhat like search engine optimization.

4. Signatures

Use every means possible to get your Twitter username out in the public. Adding your Twitter username into the signature of your emails, and forum posts is a great way to get links to your profile out into the web. Putting it on business cards (or even flyers and posters if you use those) can get your name out and spark people’s interest in you enough to see what you have to say on Twitter. Even adding a small feed into your website can be a great way to show that you are active.

5. Pay attention to who you follow & retweet

The people you choose to follow can mean a great deal in Twitter. You want to follow other people who are relevant to you and your interests, because you want to be able to view their tweets and have the ability to re-tweet their useful information. Being careful about your followers increases followers for yourself and for the person you are re-tweeting. When your followers see that you are re-tweeting them, it makes them want to follow the person you tweeted, or re-tweet your tweets like you have done for them previously.

6.      Share Your Knowledge

People enjoy following other freelancers, not because they want to hear what you’re eating for lunch, but because they want to learn from you. Make it a habit to share things you’ve learned in small tweets.

For example, when I finally figure out a tough CSS issue, I tweet about it how I fixed it and what it was. While it can sound difficult to try and explain problems in 140 characters or less, it actually ends up making you a better writer in the long run, since you’re forced to get to the point.

7.     Share Links

One of the ways I gained my initial thousand followers was by tweeting about a lot of interesting articles every hour or so. Of course, this was done when I first started outonline and didn’t have much client work, so I had the time to invest in reading, commenting and tweeting blogs.

I don’t do this much now since I’m busy, but other freelancers, and even clients, like to follow an industry expert, and you can come off as an expert by staying on top of the latest trends, events and articles.

Don’t spam your followers though, keep it to once or twice an hour and only tweet high quality article. No one wants to follow someone who tweets about “Buy my stuff!” all the time.

8.     Share Your Work

I’ve lately gotten into the habit of sharing what I’m working on at the time. Even if the site is only have coded, with a bunch of errors, I go ahead and tweet out the link. People seem to love watching how others work, so it’s greatly appreciated, even if there’s not much to show. It’s kind of like the mentality of dribbble, or showing a part of something you’re doing.

Potential clients also love to see this. It shows you’ve got real clients and your services are in demand. It also gives them an idea of how you work and the process you go through to get to the finished product.

9.     Talk to People

No one likes following a robot. Make sure you engage with people and reply to their tweets, as well as replying to all of those people who tweet back at you. This makes you seem more personable and you’re more likely to find help when you need it, as well as plenty of clients and friends.

10. Offer Advice & Tips

A lot of times when people are having problems in their work, they’ll send out a tweet asking for help. If you’ve got some spare time or knowledge in the area, offer to help them through Twitter for free. Eventually, you’ll need help and they’re more likely to help back.

Also, if it’s a potential client asking for a bit of advice or criticism, make sure you do everything you can to be the first to respond. They’ll remember you later when they need to hire a new freelancer.

11. Respond to Requests for Work

The easiest way to get work is to ask for it. And no, I don’t mean sending out a bunch of tweets literally asking someone to send something your way. Subscribe to a Twitter feed with keywords in your area and respond to those tweets.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you may subscribe to a feed with the keywords “looking” “hire” “designer”. There are seriously hundreds of “I need a designer” tweets going out every day, and that’s a lot of work you could be missing!

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10 Rules for an Efficient Twitter Use

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1. Plan before you Tweet. Don’t use
Twitter if you’re at risk for off-the-cuff content.

2. If you let it, Twitter will consume
your marketing life (just as any other form of social media). Twitter and
social media aren’t the only marketing games out there. Diversify your
marketing strategy.

3. The quality of your Tweets matters
more than the quantity. 5 exceptional Tweets will always be better than 25
crappy ones. Otherwise, you’re just Tweeting for the sake of Tweeting.

4. Aim for an equal spread of followers
and those who you follow. Don’t stack your Twitter deck by amassing a
ridiculous number of followers. All that says is that you’re pretentious and
you don’t really care what the rest of the world has to say.

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5. Remember that Twitter (and all other
social media sites) is a competition for air time.

6. Always be kind and respectful on

7. Make Tweeting a daily habit.

8. Twitter will make you a better
writer. You’ll learn that there’s more power in saying the same thing in 3
words than in 13. Less is always more.

9. Incorporate what’s going on with
your other marketing channels in your Tweets. New blog posts? Most YouTube hits
this week? Record “Likes” on Facebook?

10. Remember that Twitter is searchable.
Dot your Tweets with relevant keywords and phrases so that newcomers can find
you easily. Don’t forget to include important keywords in your bio!

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25 Twitter Tools to Target and Manage your Audience

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Here comes a list with 25 Twitter tools, which will help You find more followers, manage them, find who doesn’t follow You back, who stops following, statistics and much, much more.

Besides the tools you definitely could use guide how to tweet and build your followers as well, right?

Check out our only Twitter tweeting guide 2012 you will need for your success on Twitter! Follow these tips and reach the stars – it’s plain science not an art! – Only Cheat Sheet You’ll Need For Your Success on Twitter: Become Tweeting Guru

1. Twellow

This tool helps to “cut through the clutter” to find other Twitter users in a specific industry using this service.

 2. WeFollow

Find new followers based on Your inputted keyword.

 3. TwitterHolic

This list is being constantly updated so you can find out who the most popular twitter users are. Also You can get detailed statisticsa about Your twitter account.

 4. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It was created to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.


Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!

 6. Who Should I follow

WhoShouldiFollow was designed to find other interesting people to follow on Twitter. Whether new to Twitter or just looking to get more out of it, WhoShouldiFollow can suggest people who are similar those you already follow.

 7. MyCleenr

MyCleenr is a unique way to sort your friends by their last tweets. It allows you to get rid off all the inactive and useless accounts that you are following! Bad thing is, this tool is limited to help only people with 700 followers for now.

 8. Less Friends

Do the people you follow on Twitter, follow you? Find out.

 9. Twubble

Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.


Tired of shallow e-mails from Twitter when someone follows you? Want more information right in your inbox? Check out Twimailer and get all DirectMessages and other e-mails from Twitter directly to original e-mail address You provide. Twimailer is just a middle man and e-mails are never stored.

 11.Your Twiter Karma

Get fully manageable page with all friends, followers with avatars, where You can do several bulk actions as bulk follow, bulk unfollow, bulk block. Very handy.

 12. UseQwitter

Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message.

 13. Nearby Tweets

Launched as an early–stage beta January 20th, 2009, the Nearby Tweets project was developed by Brian Cray to extend Twitter’s capabilities into its true potential: a geography–centric social tool for networking and a business tool for building customer relationships and monitoring real–time buzz. With Nearby Tweets’ sophisticated geographic layer on top of Twitter people and businesses will find Twitter more relevant, manageable, and fun!

 14. Twitblocker

Are you being overwhelmed by twitter friends who can’t stop talking, but they’re like… still your friends?

Install this greasmonkey script, then double clicking the chattering peeps will temporarily remove their tweets from your timeline. Restart your browser to get them back. Simple eh?

 15. Twitterator

The purpose of this little script is to allow a Twitter user to “follow” a bunch of other Twitter users in one fell swoop—a Twitter friend list generator if you will. Just enter URL that points to a list of twitter usernames or enter the list of usernames manually.

 16. My Tweeple

My Tweeple is a great way to manage all of my Twitter people in one place. You can easily see who You’re following and who’s following You.

With a simple click, You can follow, unfollow, or block people, and these changes instantly update Twitter.

 17. SocialToo

SocialToo can help you be a social networking power user. Keep your follower lists in sync across networks, and get daily updates. Send surveys to your followers and more! All we need is a SocialToo login, your Twitter ID and an e-mail address.

 18. Twitoria

How many friends are you really following? Twitoria finds your friends that haven’t tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot!


Check out who is following who and get positive/negative response.

 20. Tweepsearch

TweepSearch was created to allow people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information. Twitter doesn’t currently have a bio search and as your Twitter network grows, it’s nice to be able to look through your tweeps.

 21. TwitterMass

TwitterMass is a hyper networking toolset for Twitter on steroids. Site suite of tools aim to help relieve some of the mundane processes you would go through when trying to build your Twitter network.

 22. TwitterCounter WordPress plugin + Statistics

Additionally, you can add the Twitter Remote to your blog, which shows which twitter users recently visited your blog or website.

TwitterCounter creates on their site impressive statistics also showing how much tweets You create every day, follower growth and so on.

 23. Twitter Friends

If you are using Twitter, you probably have a few contacts (= people you follow). Probably more than just a few. If you live a liberal following policy (= if another user follows you, you follow back), then the network of your contact does not have any deeper meaning. But there is a smaller, much more meaningful network hidden behind your total web of followers: the relevant net. TwitterFriends helps you to find the users that are meaningful for you and keep in touch with them. Those could be users you are talking to on a regular basis or who are feeding you great links all the time.

 24. Social WhoIs

This website is a proof of concept that a better Social Media can exist; a social media based on interests and “personal relevancy” instead of popularity. And this, really is the next step in social media!

Here is what it can do for you:

* Help you decide whether to follow someone or not

* Help you find people who share your interests

* Start or participate in disucssions about your interests

 25. FollowCost

How annoying will it be to follow “username” on Twitter? Follow Cost measures how much people tweet.

Which are Your favorite tool? Maybe You can add more useful twitter tools to increase follower count, which I haven’t listed?

As Your first added follower on this list You should follow @frequentia,…


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Free SEO Tools

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Free SEO Tools:

As a Webmaster or an Online Business Owner, you need many tools to optimize your Internet Marketing Campaign or your placement in the Search Engines.  It might quickly get expensive if you buy all what you need to do a good job. 

In order to help you reduce your starting costs, you will find a list of dozains of tools wich are availble Free on the Web.

Search Engine Tools
Bing Indexed Page Checker
Google Indexed Page Checker
Robots.txt Checker
MSN Live Indexed Page Checker
Search Engine Listing Preview
Search Engine Saturation Checker
Site Spider Viewer
Spider Viewer
Yahoo Indexed Page Checker
Free Search Engine Submission Service

Website Rank Checkers
Alexa Traffic Checker
Compete Rank Checker
Compete Statistics Checker
Fake Rank Checker
Page Heat Checker
Page Rank Checker
Site Rank Checker

Link Tools
Backlink Checker
Link Analyzer
Link Extractor
Link Popularity
Link Suggestion Generator
Multiple Backlink Checker
No-Follow Finder
Reciprocal Link Checker

Keyword Tools
Keyword Density Checker
Keyword Extractor
Keyword Rich Domain Finder
Keyword Suggestion Generator
Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position
Multiple Website Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Position Checker

Authority Link Tools
.edu Backlink Checker
.gov backlink checker
Authority Backlink Checker
DMOZ Backlink Checker
Multiple .edu Backlink Checker
Multiple .gov Backlink Checker
Multiple Authority Link Checker
Multiple DMOZ Backlink Checker
Yahoo Directory Backlink Checker

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Multi-Site Rank Checkers
Alexa Multiple Rank Checker
Multiple Rank Checker PageRank And Alexa
Multiple Compete Rank Checker
Multiple Compete Statistics Checker
Multiple Fake PageRank Checker
Multiple Page Heat Checker
Multiple PageRank Checker

Header/Tag Tools
Http Header Extractor
Http Header Viewer
Meta Tag Extractor
Meta Tag Generator

Social Web Tools
Delicious Link Checker
Digg Link Checker
Multiple Delicious Link Checker
Twitter Links Finder

Free Webmaster Tools:

IP Tools
Multiple IP Address Checker
Multiple Reverse Ip Lookup
Ping Domain/Ip
Reverse Ip Lookup

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Source Code Tools
CSS Validator
Domain Whois Lookup
HTML Encryptor
HTML Optimizer
MD5 Encryptor
Webpage Size Checker
Webpage Speed Test

Miscellaneous Free Webmaster Tools
Browser Details Tool
Convert Date To Timestamp
Convert Unix Timestamp
Convert Your Email Address To An Image Tool
Javascript Clock
Website Status Checker
Beautiful Free PageRank Display Widgets
Website Value Calculator

Please bookmark this website for future reference and share this page on Twitter.

Tweet Traffic Rush!

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Target Traffic to your Website using Twitter and Blogs

Posted by mgmt in Aug 19, 2011, under Blog, Online Business, Social Marketing, Twitter

You might have noticed that Twitter is one of the biggest news on
the internet now. With some hundreds of thousands of new
people joining Twitter each day, it is emerging as one of the
largest and fastest growing social networking sites at this time.

As there are millions of people joining up to and logging
into Twitter everyday, Twitter turns out a bigger and better
opportunity to get you loads of targeted traffic to your website.

Though you can access millions of people on Twitter, you will
need to work aptly in reaching out to them correctly.

Here is where the tools I want to show you will help you out.

1) Tweet Traffic Rush

Tweet Traffic Rush is the easiest, fastest and most efficient
way to get a flood of laser targeted visitors to your site
through Twitter and this is… Absolutely FREE!

Tweet Traffic Rush!

With Tweet Traffic Rush, you will be able to use Twitter to
spread your marketing messages virally and work in creating
an Avalanche of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website in a
very short time.

And how it works?

All you do is sign up for a free account. Then you will need to
add your twitter username in an appropriate category so as to
get a tiny piece of widget code. And once you add this widget
code to your websites, blogs or social networking sites, you’ll
start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

If you are tired of and feel difficulty in spreading your marketing
messages across the net, TweetTrafficRush.com can get you
thousands of visitors to your site on autopilot.

Click on the Link and Create Your FREE Account NOW!!

2) WordPress Plugin

Another tool, which you can downloaded free:
WordPress plugin. If you don’t have it and your on WordPress, you should grab your copy here:

Click on the Link and Get your WP Plugin HERE!!

This plugin allows you to create ads that slide up from the
bottom of your blog, giving you an easy way to build your
list or promote other offers.

The cool thing about this plugin is you can add a bunch of
different slide ins to the plugin, and they will all rotate
across your blog. You can even have it enter from the top,
bottom, or either side of the screen if you want.

Its free right now, but might not be for long. So if it’s relevant for you, you should get this plugin as soon as possible for free here:

Click on the Link and Get your WP Plugin HERE!!

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Different Tools to Built your Twitter Followers base

Posted by mgmt in Aug 13, 2011, under Online Business, Social Marketing, Twitter

You want to increase your number of floowers on Twitter.  We have compiled this list of websites that might help you built your Twitter Followers base. These are good ways to accelerate the growth of your numbers of followers; but you should know that you might have to enter your twitter password and some of these sites might spam your account with some promotional tweets.  Anyway, you’ll be able to cancel if your not Ok with what you get.

Tweet Traffic Rush!

Credit Based Sites

This first list of credit based following sites. You get credits when you follow people, and you use credits when people follow you.

1. twiends

2. YouLikeHits

3. TraffUP

4. addsocials

5. LetUsFollow

6. SocialClump

7. Societ Plus

8. tweers

9. friendr

10. increasr

11. tweezard


multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

Free Retweet Based Sites

One of the best ways to get publicity is to be mentioned or retweeted by other people. This is a list of credit based retweet sites. You get credits when you retweet people, and you use credits when people retweet you.

1. TraffUP

2. Societ Plus

3. AdRetweet

4. easyretweet

5. ReTweet.org

6. reTweet.it

7. BorrowedTweets

8. Re-Tweetter

9. twit admin

10. reTWEET Trader


Twitter Train Based Sites

Using these sites, you’ll get a group of followers in exchange for following a group of followers.







Twitter Marketing Software

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RSS Tools Demystified and Listed…

Posted by mgmt in Aug 13, 2011, under Information Management, Online Business, RSS, Search

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is not a new thing on the Block (on the Web…); but it might clearly saves you time when consuming news and information. And, as everybody knows, time is money.  So I have decided to refresh our knowledge (Yes, yours and mine) about RSS. In short, instead of visiting hundreds of news sites and blogs, just subscribe and receive all your updates in a single news reader.

multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

If you need an RSS reader, choose one from the list; and if you’re a little more tech-savvy, check out the browser plugins and management tools that can make your RSS consumption even more efficient.  It presented following the main platforms and functions.


RSS readers – web based

Google Reader – In addition to tracking your feeds, Google’s popular RSS reader allows you to star items (like in Gmail), view trends in your feeds and reading habits, and recently added an option to read feeds offline.
iGoogle – Formerly known as Google Personalized Home, iGoogle allows you to include RSS feeds as part of your custom start page.
Netvibes – This personal homepage provider includes hundreds of “modules” you can add to your page from Hotmail to your Flickr photos, but also lets you create your own modules by simply entering an RSS feed URL.
Pageflakes – Another personalized homepage provider, Pageflakes functions similar to Netvibes, letting you select from pre-made modules or create your own by adding an RSS feed.
My Yahoo! – Still the most widely used custom homepage on the Web, My Yahoo now allows you to add RSS feeds alongside your weather, stock quotes, and news. Similar to Netvibes and Pageflakes, My Yahoo allows you to re-arrange your feeds with drag and drop features.
My Netscape – Netscape’s personal homepage service also includes the ability to add RSS feeds as content modules. An account also lets you participate in their Digg-like homepage voting.
Daily Rotation – A no-frills personalized homepage aimed targeted at techies, Daily Rotation includes recommended feeds from hundreds of tech sites, and also lets you add in additional feeds of your own choosing.
Rojo – A part of Six Apart, Rojo is a web-based reader that combines RSS aggregation with a community of sorts, showing what people are reading on their homepage.
Bloglines – One of the early online RSS readers, Bloglines “split screen” interface makes it easy to view the full content of any of your feeds. The service is part of the IAC family of sites.
Newsgator – NewsGator’s RSS reader allows you to organize your feeds in Windows-style folders that can be expanded and collapsed.
MySindicaat – an advanced online RSS reader with a tree-like feed layout, available in several different flavors, including a mini ticker and a mobile RSS viewer. It also has RSS mixing capabilities.
Fwicki – web based RSS reader that lets you create custom river-of-news style feeds.
NewsAlloy – a fast and full-featured web based RSS reader. Also has a mobile version.
Feeds 2.0 – a personalized RSS aggregator, that learns from your reading habits and displays relevant feeds


SponsoredTweets referral badge

Mobile RSS Readers

NewsGator Go! – NewsGator’s mobile version syncs with user’s online accounts, allowing you to read their feeds on the go for $29.95.
LiteFeeds – Once downloaded to your phone, LiteFeeds allows you to browse your feeds, email articles to friends, or bookmark them to your del.icio.us account.
Egress – This program for Windows Mobile sports a clean UI and also supports podcasts. Egress is available for $12.95.
Mobispine – Mobispine is a free Java application for reading your feeds on your mobile. The service also includes a web component where users can add feeds to the Mobispine database, see related feeds, and leave comments.
Quick News – Designed for Palm OS, Quick News lets you download feeds either via a HotSync or a direct internet connection for later use, which enables offline (or out of coverage) reading.
Bloglines Mobile – The popular web-based reader also offers a browser-based mobile version to access your feeds without downloading anything.
FeederReader – This application is designed for phones running Windows Mobile, and bills itself as being especially well suited for developers, allowing you to view the RAW XML files for and its XML elements and attributes.
FreeRange – This Java application will work on Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. The site has optional Google Reader integration.
Google Reader Mobile – If you use Google Reader, you can access a version designed for mobile phones.
ZapTXT for mobile – mobile version of the ZapTXT widget.


RSS readers – Windows

Omea – one of the most fully featured RSS readers out there; can get a little slow as its database grows; free in its basic version, also has a commercial, advanced version with more features
Mozilla Thunderbird – Mozilla’s e-mail and RSS reader, supports skins and add-ons
Awasu – RSS reader with a customizable user interface, the ability to synchronize with other readers, bookmarking and annotation, and republishing of your feeds
GreatNews – integrates with Bloglines, and offers a very fast way to browse through your feeds
RSS Bandit – RSS reader that offers organization of your feeds through folders, as well as synchronization across several installations
IntraVNews – an RSS reader that integrates with Microsoft’s Outlook.
SharpReader – requires .NET framework, lets you organize feeds into folders, integrates with Feedster, can display new items via system tray popups
eCruiser – an RSS reader in Japanese
Juice – a pretty basic RSS reader
Opera – Opera web browser comes with a fully featured RSS reader
FeedDemon – Newsgator’s feed reader offering a high degree of customization, newspaper-style feed reading, synchronization with other Newsgator products, and feed search
Snarfer – a free RSS reader, with key features being river of news style view, embedded video display, synchronization with Bloglines, powerful search and filtering
Active RSS Reader – simple RSS reader with a very small hard disk and memory footprint
Feed Amasser – a very lightweight, freeware RSS reader
FeedExpress – a freeware, open source RSS reader; quite basic, but with some nice features, for example CSS customization
Crackfeed – a tiny systray based application that notifies you with RSS news as they come
HappyFish – RSS reader and podcast client, requires .NET 2.0
Attensa for Outlook – RSS reader that fully integrates with Outlook, support OPML import/export, scheduling, republishing, and advanced feed organization
Briz RSS Reader – a very simple RSS reader
Particls – desktop RSS notifier and ticker with lots of options, also has a Firefox plugin
Anothr – RSS reader/bot for Skype/Gtalk/MSN


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RSS readers – Mac OS X

Newsfire – RSS reader for OS X
NetNewsWire – Newsgator’s RSS reader for the Mac comes in two flavors: commercial and free
PixelNews – a commercial Mac OS X RSS reader that comes with a huge database of feeds
Shrook – a Mac RSS reader which also has a web based version; supports synchronization, instant notifications via Growl, real time search, smart grouping and more
Vienna – a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader, with a built-in tabbed browser and the ability to customize feed display
NewsLife – RSS reader for the Mac, pleasing to the eye, simple and easy to use
Squeet – another Mac RSS reader, currently on hiatus


RSS readers – Linux

Liferea – RSS reader for Gnome users
Akregator – RSS reader for KDE
Straw – RSS reader for Gnome, supports RSS and ATOM, as well as exporting/importing OPML feeds
Snownews – text based RSS reader for all you 1337 people
AgileRSS – desktop aggregator that is able to display any RSS, ATOM, and XML news feed; also offers an RSS news ticker


RSS Readers – Multi-platform

RSSOwl – works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Offers, among other features, a multi-pane, highly customizable interface, OPML and blogroll import, internal browser, and a search engine.
BottomFeeder Rich-featured multiplatform RSS reader (works on Linux as well as Windows and OS X), supports CSS customization, OPML import/export, and plugins.
BlogBridge – open source RSS aggregator that allows you to create dynamic feed reading lists


RSS to email converters

Feedblitz – one of the most popular RSS to e-mail converters. Supported by FeedBurner. Also has a Firefox plugin.
ZapTXT – monitors feeds for certain terms and sends you notifications via e-mail. Also has a mobile version.
R|Mail – offers simple subscription to any RSS feed, as well as an R|mail subscription widget which you can use on your site


RSS Feed Validators

Feed Validator – By entering your feed URL at Feed Validator, the service will literally translate your RSS to code and identify any potential problems. It works with versions of RSS up to 2.0.
RSS 1.0 Validator – This validator for RSS 1.0 generates an HTML page identifying any errors.
Redland RSS 1.0 Validator & Viewer – This validator offers a variety of display options for checking your feeds.


RSS-related plugins – Firefox

Sage – RSS reader for Firefox, has a decent amount of options, allows CSS customization
Wizz – a very advanced RSS reader for Firefox with a huge set of options
RSS Ticker – an RSS ticker for Firefox with a large number of options
Beatnik – simple RSS reader for Firefox
BlogRovr – a Firefox plugin that brings you related news based on your feed choices and the website you’re currently visiting
NewsFox – fully featured RSS reader for Firefox, with three panes; similar to Thunderbird
InfoRSS – another RSS ticker for Firefox with a very comprehensive set of options
Feedbar – Feedbar displays new live bookmarks items directly in your Firefox sidebar


Twitter Marketing Software

RSS-related plugins – WordPress

Feedlist – a wordpress plugin that displays linked lists imported from an RSS or ATOM feed
Feedsmith – redirects all RSS feeds on a WordPress blog to the Feedburner feed.
Fedafi RSS plugin – a plugin for WordPress that creates a full text valid RSS 2.0 feed from your WordPress blog and adds a style sheet, tracks subscribers and clicks on articles.
BDP RSS aggregator – converts RSS feeds to WordPress blog entries. Handy for creating an automatic blog.
Sig2Feed – WordPress plugin that lets you add a signature to your RSS feeds


RSS-related plugins – other

Good News Trillian RSS plugin – allows you to read RSS feeds in Trillian
RSSNews – RSS reader for IM client Miranda
RSS Feed Scanner – Azureus plugin that allows for automated downloads by means of advanced feed filter configurability
RSS Popper – RSS plugin for Outlook and Outlook Express
RSS Reader for Gaim – enables you to read RSS feeds in Pidgin (formerly Gaim)


RSS managers

Feedburner – the obvious one. Recently acquired by Google, FeedBurner has become the de facto standard for RSS feed management, offering a huge set of features, including detailed analytics, chicklets, feed optimization and ad insertion.
WebPasties – a set of RSS-related tools, including some feed management features
FeedPass – creates a nice landing page for your feeds


RSS mixers

Yahoo! Pipes - an advanced RSS mixer with a graphical user interface; supports simple operators, filters, and many advanced functions
Feedbite – a combination of an online RSS reader and an RSS mixer, with the possibility to vote for RSS “bundles”
Feedblendr – a very simple RSS mixer that doesn’t require registration
Blogsieve – full featured RSS mixer that lets you blend up to 5 feeds and do some advanced filtering on the results
Feedcombine – RSS mixer that lets you blend feeds from a list of predefined sources
Feedshake – RSS mixing and some basic filtering
xFruits – a set of very neat tools for RSS blending, filtering and conversion, including an RSS to PDF tool
BlastFeed – an RSS mixer that lets you combine and filter feeds and get them delivered via e-mail, IM or RSS
FeedRinse – an advanced RSS filter that enables you to get rid of the “spam” in your RSS feeds
FeedDigest – RSS mixer that lets you mix and sort feeds and then republish them on a website
Popfly – Microsoft’s very promising RSS mixer, currently in closed beta
Google Mashup Editor (GME) – Google’s set of developer tools for creating mashups
RSSMesh – a PHP script that lets you blend several feeds into one
Afeeda – RSS mixer which lets you blend all your favorite feeds into one


RSS Ping Tools

Pingoat – On Pingoat, you enter your blog URL and select the services you would like to ping. Doing so will make sure that the selected sites crawl and index your site. The site has nearly 50 different services you can ping.
Ping-o-matic – Enter your blog or feed URL and select from a variety of blog search engines and Ping-o-matic will send them a ping. The site has about 20 services to choose from.
Blog Flux – In addition to a variety of other tools for bloggers, Blog Flux offers Pinger, which includes more than 30 sites you can automatically ping, including several language specific indexes.
ping service – This site is mostly in Dutch and automatically pings a few of the larger services such as Technorati and Weblogs.com


Feed directories

Syndic8 – one of the biggest RSS feed directories; integrates with several services on this list
Technorati – indexes blogs based on tags and authority, as measured by incoming links.
Feedster – organizes feeds into content channels such as technology and celebrity gossip.
Blogstreet – places feeds into different directory categories and also has a Digg-like homepage powered by user rankings.
Weblogs.com – one of the original feed directories, Weblogs.com simply shows the most recent blog updates automatically as they happen.
Icerocket – a blog search engine that also keeps track of blog statistics with their Blog Tracker product.
blo.gs – a simple listing of recently updated blogs in the spirit of Weblogs.com.
blogdigger – blog search engine, also has a Local feature for finding bloggers in your area.
2rss.com – a categorized blog directory and search engine with about 10,000 feeds indexed.
WeBlogALot – a blog directory that also pulls in breaking news feeds from mainstream sources.


Twitter Marketing Software

RSS tips & hacks

Steve Rubel’s collection of RSS hacks
Another set of RSS-related hacks from Steve Rubel
Web Worker Daily’s tips on RSS reading
5 RSS tips by LifeDev
Steve Rubel’s 35 ways to use RSS feeds
RSS tools for Firefox – a detailed roundup of RSS-related add-ons for Firefox here on Mashable
Mister Tipster – a hardware USB mini display aimed specifically at displaying RSS feeds
Some RSS tips from Wired
Read RSS on your AppleTV


multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

Miscellaneous RSS-related tools

SearchFeedr – RSS feed search, supports Yahoo!, Google, MSN Live and Altavista
FeedCycle – bundles feeds into “episodes” and delivers them on a scheduled/daily basis
FeedCrier – brings RSS feeds to your instant messenger
Clicky’s RSS feed – Clicky is a web analytics tool which can deliver analytics results via an RSS feed
RSS Panel X – a Greasemonkey script that displays RSS, Atom, hAtom and OPML directly from originating website
FeedForAll – create and edit RSS feeds and podcasts
Radio UserLand – a combination of a publishing platform and a news aggregator
Custom Reader – a white label RSS reader solution, ready to be branded to your liking
Chaos Wallpaper – RSS reader and wallpaper changer in one
FireAnt – RSS reader focused on podcasts, vidcasts, and media
NewsAloud – converts RSS feeds to voice
RSS2PDF – converts RSS feeds to PDF format
Dapper – creates an RSS feed from any website
Feedity – another RSS generator that can generate an RSS feed from any website
RSSMicro – an RSS search engine; searches over 65 million feeds

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Great Twitter Analysis Tools

Posted by mgmt in Aug 06, 2011, under Social Marketing, Twitter

We have done a survey of the available tools on the Web. And we came with a short list of Great and “Free” tools to analyze Twitter accounts to tweak your own account or to evaluate potential accounts to follow:

    multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

  • Twitter Counter – good twitter analytic and comparison, statistic tool, it also has some good blog scripts and twitter tools
  • Tweet Stats – graphical representation of your twitter activity including time of day posting, interface used etc.
  • Tweeple Twak – supposedly track your friend gains and declines, site is up, but can’t see what it does.
  • Twit Graph – this one is similar to TweetStats, but weaker and it has more advertising.
  • Twoolr – another twitter analytic tool.
  • My Tweeple – twitter account evaluation tool, followers counts, ratios, tweet counts, also allows you to review recent tweets (See what your followers are saying), follow-back, hide or block new followers, create tags, notes and share, good tool to export your entire follower list to a csv file.
  • Twitter Grader – analyses your twitter account on a 0-100 score, computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers. Also shows top users in categories, good basic stats.
  • Twitter Ratio – it let you find out your friend to follower ratio.
  • Retweet Rank – it provides a ranking on the number of Retweets you have.
  • ManageFlitter – it provides clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, which inactive accounts you follow, it allows you easily search inside your Twitter stream.
  • TwentyFeet- excellent summary of stats across multiple sites.
  • Klout – an excellent app to track and rate your social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to follow).
  • Empire Avenue – this one is similar to Klout, only more complicated with a “virtual investment game” built in.
  • Crowd Booster and Peer Index – are good analytic tool as well.

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Twitter apps, tools and resources

Posted by mgmt in Jul 30, 2011, under Social Marketing, Twitter

For you information, I have listed many Twitter apps and tools out there that will help you get the word out about your blog or your website.

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1)      Twaitter – Enables you to connect and communicate with your target audience

2)      TwitterToolbar – Giving you access to a variety of tools & resources

3)      TwitThis – Add a TwitThis button to your blog so visitors can easily tweet about you

4)      TweetBurner – Track links you share

5)      Trendistic – See the trending topics on Twitter

6)      CoTweet – Platform that aids in reaching customers, multiple accounts and users

7)      Twitoria – Reduce Twitter’s clutter by revealing friends that haven’t posted in a while or track down spammers

8)      Twiggit – Updates your Twitter status with your latest Diggs

9)      BubbleTweet – Add a video welcome to your Twitter page

10)  Twitter Gallery – Free Twitter backgrounds and themes

multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

11)  TwitPic – Share photos on Twitter

12)  twtQpon – Enhance your marketing by offering coupons to your followers

13)  TwitterHawk – Targeted marketing that will find people tweeting about a chosen topic and location

14)  TweetBeep – Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, and your blog

15)  Social Oomph – This tool lets you schedule your tweets, auto-follow people who follow you and send them a DM (direct message) automatically and much more.

16)  TweetLater – Schedule tweets, track keywords, welcome new followers

17)  TwitterContd – Gives you more than 140 characters, upload photos, shorten URLs

18)  Tweepler – Organize your followers

19)   Monitter – Monitor keywords on Twitter

Twitter Marketing Software

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Posted by mgmt in Jul 10, 2011, under Online Business, SEO, Social Marketing

Internet can certainly be a very powerful tool, which can bring you to the level of any bigger companies.

But, in this race of promoting their business many persons often forget to consider about few tough issues about Internet Marketing. However, the bigger companies have more money power to pay for their advertising.  Hence, as a small business manager, a few things are to be considered when you try to analyze the strategy for Internet Marketing. 

First, most of them forget to decide about their goals, and also how are they planning to meet their goals.  I propose to let you take a look at a few PROS and CONS that should be considered from the beginning and even after you have run your Marketing campaign for sometimes.

multi-channel marketing solved | SimplyCast.com

 Internet Marketing PROS:

  1. The cost involved in spreading your information on your product might be (if well done) almost nothing compared to other means. Emailing to any of your overseas prospects is much cheaper than sending letters.
  2. In this kind of marketing your website which is a storehouse, where all your goods are available is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.
  3. Also your market is not just limited within the boundary of your city or country, as you can find customers from anywhere in the world.
  4. Presently about half (50%) of people shop online.  Thus, even if we don’t consider that these numbers are expected to grow, this means you are potentially getting in touch with a large portion (maybe 2/3 and more) of your prospects.
  5. You can also update the information of product or service almost instantly with the help of email.  Those who visit your website may get ready information about your product or services.
  6.  If you have announced a sale then by just opening their email your customer can shop for the item.
  7. In case you are supplying certain written information e.g. online magazine, article or some e- book then it is possible to deliver the item directly instead of using any courier service.

 Internet Marketing CONS:

  1. It is not absolutely free as you need to consider the cost of necessary hardware and software, website design and also their regular maintenance, distribution cost through online and your time to execute these services.
  2. You have to stay focused and regularly update the information in your website otherwise your visitors will read the outdated information.
  3. People still use the internet for sourcing information only. Most of the visitors of your website will prefer to buy the product in person. Majority of customers might prefer to have live discussion before buying. If you are a small businessman and located at remote place, then people may not prefer to deal with you.
  4. You cannot replace the old way of customer service so easily. Most of the internet marketers do not have any organized customer service or way to respond customers complain. With the result most of the prospects will label you as poor service provider, before they really contact you. The navigation of many websites is also too poor with the result the prospects cannot find what you can deliver.
  5. In Internet Marketing many other technical issues are also to be considered. For instance security of your website is very important. Your customer will not prefer to share their credit card information even in case they are interested to buy your product.
  6. There are plenty of competitions in the internet for your product. As your customers get the information about your website, they must have already found out dozen more websites of similar products. Until or unless what they are searching for is exactly matching with your product, they will look for some other website.
  7. Nowadays many website visitors look for free gifts. You must therefore consider something to offer free of cost, which can be of the customer’s interest and also does not cost you much.

 In short, all the PROS and CONS can be taken care of only if you look at this marketing in the perspective of customers, but not as purely an internet marketer.

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